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7 Day Network RTK Subscription

7 Day Network RTK Subscription

150 CAD
Network Infastructure

The PPN Network is built using Navcom technology receivers at the base stations with chokering antennas. Each base station has backup power and has a self-monitoring capability to alert Network administration if a problem has occurred.

The Base Stations are typically space between 60 to 80 Km apart and feed their data into a Set of Servers running Geo++ Network software which is the leader in the industry for RTK Network Software technology. The Geo++ Network can output many formats with many different biases to fit the requirements of almost any GNSS rover regardless of which brand the user has.

With the largest Network in Western Canada a PPN user can move seamlessly across most of the prairies and enjoy the accuracy and ease-of-use provided by the Network RTK solution.

PPN Network Coverage

The PPN Network is made up of both Network and single-site Base Stations. The vast majority is included in the Network solution but some of the outlying areas do not have the base density to be included into the Network Solution so they are treated as single-base sites. The single-base sites include the lower mainland BC and some parts of Quebec.

The PPN Network uses the NTRIP protocol to provide RTK data to the user. Almost any NTRIP capable GNSS receiver will work with the PPN Network. As we are constantly adding new base stations to improve the network coverage check the coverage tool on the PPN website for the most up-to-date coverage map.